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iCrates App & Magazine

Creative & conceptual development of the digital / analog music platform iCrates App & Magazine. News and insights into the international vinyl scene, including stories, reviews, interviews and the hottest record stores on the planet. The iCrates Mag is a truly vibrant and passion driven community of 45 international authors delivering unique content & articles, about music – on a daily basis! It covers every music genre, from mainstream to underground in form of interviews, articles, reviews and spotchecks.


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iCrates App

The iCrates App is a mobile music search engine for the Smartphone that starts where all the other search engines like Shazam, Soundhound or Last FM end. iCrates does not only have MP3, but almost all the other formats out there.

With a strong focus on Vinyl, iCrates aims to deliver the most exact information on Recordings, Labels and Artist on the Web.

Where all the others cover only the last 10 years of music history, the iCrates App goes all the way.

With a wide range of tailored features evaluated together with the worldwide iCrates community, the iCrates App became the „Weapon of Choice“, not only for Crate Diggers and Music Enthusiasts, but also for Professionals, such as the such as Music Journalists, Label staff and of course Musicians.

With more than 7.000 downloads the iCrates App became the Top Music Search tool on the Apple App Store in 2011.

Custom Illustrations for the Magazine, by: Sheila Seyfert

iCrates Online Magazine

The iCrates Online-Magazine is  is a vibrant community with one aim: Bringing back Vinyl to an audience that has never possessed a single CD or Tape.

This aim in Mind, a Team of International Authors, Illustrators and newcomer photographers from all over the Planet is working together to deliver daily new insights and updates covering almost every genre, from mainstream to underground.

Custom Illustrations for the Magazine, by: Sheila Seyfert

The iCrates Spots

A user generated, global music shops database inherited in the iCrates App, making it possible to find the nearest Record Store and browse their stock on the fly.

iCrates Channels

Youtube Channels hosted by Artists like Fatboy Slim, Ellaskins etc.

Posters for iCrates events, illustrations by: Sheila Seyfert

The Kickstarter

Kickstarter Campaign for the iCrates annual print issue.

Mock up for iCrates trading platform.

The iCrates Manual V.1.0

An easy step by step manual to explain and teach the digging process using the iCrates App

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