Since 2009 Eckart from Berlin has been producing delicious delicatessen sauces. Overwhelmed with awards and highly esteemed by grill masters and top chefs, Eckart nevertheless had a problem with a communication that reminded more of kitchen talk than professional product communication. A new approach was needed to take the next step from insider tip to established greatness in the kitchens of the world. Together with Eckart we went into the digital kitchen to give his general look, communication, website and ultimately his products a new unique "taste".

Sheila SeyfertCorporate Design
Greg J Latham:Video
Sebastian Marggraf: Photo






Creative Direction, Art Direction, Creative Concept

The prime cut of communication, the website and its online shop

We created a simple full responsive website with an omnipresent online shop presented by the man behind the sauce, eckart himself. The site concentrates on the essential: The sauces, their creation process and the philosophy behind it. It is possible to buy the sauces immediately from any point of the website. No side dishes only the main course, but in excellent.

The story behind it, explained by the chef himself, we present: Eckart the movie

Together with the filmmaker Greg J. Latham, we have created a film about eckart that will literally make you taste the chilies. Everything breathes the real down-to-earthness that characterizes eckart and its sauce manufacture, conveying an honesty that is otherwise rarely found.

imac background


The main ingrediens: Color | Grid | Font

Like a good sauce, minimal communication requires a selection of balanced ingredients. A clear colour code based on the formal colour language of the sauces, a modern grid and an elegant selection of hyperflexible fonts form the basis for communication that is not only pleasing to the palate



The perception is rounded off by a freshly grounded photo look

Together with Berlin streetstyle photographer newcomer Sebastian Marggraf, we created a realistic, not overly polished photo look that goes well with eckart’s honest and down-to-earth approach without sacrificing the basic requirements for modern social media communication.

Thanks for cooking with us

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