Commerce Connector is a technology-oriented trading broker created by the Oddity Group. Commerce connector connects brands and retailers, enabling them to sell more through collaboration. Its international team works in over 75 countries for more than 170 brands with over 4,800 retailers. Our mission was to give Commerce Connector a new and contemporary B2B look that would clearly differentiate Commerce Connector's different businesses, increase awareness and boost sales - / first-time contacts, and set it apart from the competition. As Commerce Connector is a spin-off from the Oddity Group, another focus was to make this familiar relationship visible but not over-represented.

Daniel Klipfel: Concept / UX
Silke Schlüter: Communication Concept / Text






Creative Direction, Art Direction, Creative Concept

A playful contemporary approach to a somewhat dry subject

„Commerce Connectors“ business model requires explanation. Our approach was to show exactly what CC does by means of appealing illustrations and an „on point“ language. This makes a complicated business model simpler, more understandable and more accessible.

A clear colour code enables orientation

By means of a clear colour code, we make it easy to distinguish between the 3 business areas. This creates identity both externally and internally

A clear contemporary font for clear communication

A modern / zeitgeist „google“ font makes accessible, agile and platform independent

A clear business focused language

We developed a new language and communication concept that works for both business insiders and interested new customers. A strong focus was also placed on the integration of the communication concept with the internal communication of commerce connector to create clarity, focus and identity in an fast moving international environment

ipad background

A new look for the people and customers of Commerce Connector

The internal presentation of the employees on the website as well as on their social profiles is also part of the external appearance of a company today. We designed a uniform, contemporary and globally adaptable image look that can be applied to all employees and that decisively shapes the perception of „Commerce Connector“ beyond the website.

Each of Commerce Connector’s clients receives a testimonial on the „Commerce Connector“ website that reflects the new design and communication guidelines of both „Commerce Connector“ and the client.

Thanks for connecting commerce with us

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